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Gonna Give It to Ya Lyrics

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Gonna Give It to Ya Lyric

Jewell & Aaron Hall Lyrics
Above the Rim Soundtrack - Movie, 2001
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Gonna Give It to Ya (chours)
gonna give it to you right make sure before i'm through your feeling real good.yea baby gonna give it to ya oo wee right
make sure it's all good your feeling good(chours)gonna give it to you right make sure before i'm through your feeling real
good gonna give it you right there's nothing i won't do to satisfy you.bring yourself here place your head in my lap smell
this sweet perfume while i stroke your choclate back boy you better get ready for a hell of a time bet you never had a woman
rock you baby and leave it on your mind. you making me feel so good with the softness of your touch dont you stop i'm about
to get on top and you what your in for you ask me if i can go all day come on baby let me show you I promiss you, you come
with me to extacy.(chourus)gonna give it to you right make sure before i'm trhough your feeling real gonna give it to you
good theres nothing i wound't do to satisfy you.take me show me arron hall let me see the nasty man break me off don't be
cause i'm gonna let you in i'll help you work it baby got me singing daddy again give me your hand jewel the way you making
me feel you making me heal when the bell rings i'm not gonna stop loving you i don't care what the hell you do hold me tight
never let me go baby baby baby i,m gonna give it to you right make sure repeat chourus

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CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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