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Keep Moving Lyrics

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Keep Moving Lyric

Adam Deacon & Bashy feat. Paloma Faith Lyrics Soundtrack - Movie, 2010
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Keep Moving [Adam Deacon]
im like my size, what you saying its me i'm back again star,
yeah im about i drop my sh*t left right and center,
i'll make this ting go number 1 like tinie tempah
i'm back with a bang some max's think theyre nine but im the best star,

and i aint tryna big myself up,
but i'm repping for my hood thats why they show love,
i keep myself allright and pass it from the fake hype,
but i'm about i swear i know that im a bait guy,

me i'm from the manor yeah you see my face about star,
yeah i'm a star in the hood like stryda there's no doubt star,
im gonna make my old film, watch it's coming out star,
haters chatting sh*t, and I just told them shut theyre mouth star,

me i keep it moving,
you might not see my vote? in a while dont think im snoozing,
i held it down they thought i ran they kept assuming,
but every film dats out they like i swear i seen dat yout in,
im like watch out for the latest one im on some new ting
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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