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Finale: 42nd Street (Reprise)

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Finale: 42nd Street (Reprise) Song Lyrics

42nd Street Soundtrack - Musical, 2001
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Finale: 42nd Street (Reprise) Julian:
Come and meet those dancing feet,
On the avenue I'm taking you to,
Forty-Second Street.
Hear the beat of dancing feet,
It's the song I love the melody of,
Forty-Second Street.

Little "nifties" from the Fifties,
Innocent and sweet;
Sexy ladies from the Eighties,
Who are indiscreet.

They're side by side, they're glorified
Where the underworld can meet the elite,
Forty-Second Street.

Naughty, bawdy, gaudy, sporty,
Forty-Second Street!
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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