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Mr. Templeton / Burnt Lyrics

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Mr. Templeton / Burnt Lyric

Michael Buble and Jeff Richmond Lyrics
30 Rock Soundtrack - TV, 2010
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Mr. Templeton / Burnt Tonight's like a banquet, give it a try.
Candlelight caviar, you and I,
And Templeton, Mr Templeton.
Why should he stay at home?
Just get his medication.
He'll go with us,
See a show with us.
The plans such a simple one.
Templeton don't look away.

The city is hoppin' with things to do,
But it's one third funner with you-know-who.
Yes, Templeton, Mr Templeton.
Let's go have some thrills,
Pack his pills and his glasses.
We'll get a bite, and we'll say goodnight.
To our own special friend,
Mr Templeton.
Please, look away.

We'll be out 'til dawn.
Strap your helmet on.

[Thanks to Melissa Rae for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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