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Bleeder Lyrics

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Bleeder Lyric

Nothingface Lyrics
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Bleeder It's not ending
What's it to you
Isolate me
Feel unsure
Tired of waiting
Please let me go
I'll never forget you
Just let me go

My eyes see everything I want them to
I just don't want them to see you
Just the way that you are
It's so cold

Safely tortured
Hiding the scars
No one knows it
Just you and I
Lift your dress up
I said I'd go slow
I'll never stop this
Until I reload

[Repeat chorus]

Sometimes there's no control
Shut up till I'm done talking
You seem so insecure
It seems you got it all
You got it all

[Repeat chorus]

You got it all
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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