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Loose Fit Lyrics

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Loose Fit Lyric

Happy Mondays Lyrics
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Loose Fit Has to be a loose fit
Has to be a loose fit

Go on move in it, go on do your bit
Small, Big take your pick
Doesn't have to be legit

It' s gotta be a loose fit
It' s gotta be a loose fit

Don't need no skin tights in my wardrobe today
Fold them all up and put them all away
Won't be no misfit in my household today
Pick them all out and send them on their way
Do what you're doing, say what you're saying
Go where you're going, think what you're thinking
Sounds good to me

Don't know what you saw, but you know it's against the law
And you know that you want some more
I've heard it all before
Gonna buy an airforce base
Gonna wipe out your race
Get stoned in a different place
Don't you know I got better taste
Do what you're doing, say what you're saying
Go where you're going, think what you're thinking
It sound good to me

Do what you're doing, spend what you're owing
Pay what you're paying, look where you're going
Say what you're thinking, kill who you're killing
Sing if you're singing, speak if you're speaking
Sounds good to me
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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