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Cococunt Flakes Lyrics

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Cococunt Flakes Lyric

Love as Laughter Lyrics
180 South Soundtrack - Movie, 2010
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Cococunt Flakes Grabe some grapes and leaves, man
You can never tell
When you'll have to change your face
And hide your trophies well
Commin down the mountain
Or goin to your home
The village has evacuated
Now you gotta rome

Your feet could start to moan
And your eyes don't see to clear
The darkest dream could come
And shake your fait to stear
Remember the sun
All from memory
Close your eyes and run circles
Round' its enemies

Remeber the sun
Before you awake
Remember all the reasons
And bake it into your cake
And we'll all come over
I"ll bring the coconut flakes
We're gunna get stoned with ya
Laugh at your mistakes

I know its been hard to take
And i know you wanna run
Just try to stay in one place
And have a little fun
I know its been hard to take
and i know you wanna run
We hope you will stay in one place
And dance before it's done
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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