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On My Own Lyrics

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On My Own Lyric

Vincent Vincent and the Villains Lyrics
17 Again Soundtrack - Movie, 2009
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On My Own I'm on my own (x6)
In this world
I'm on my own (x6)
Woah, Yeah

Well I fought myself today
I was out of insperation
Yeah, the people I been hangin' around with
Really (?) My concentration.
And I, turn into someone that I didn't like.
And that's no fun.
Yeah, tonight I'm only gonna look out for number one.
-And thats me!

I'm on my own (x6)
In this world.
I'm on my own (x6)

Well, I won't take this for granted.
Cause nothing's as it seems.
And I won't, cut myself on other people's broken dreams.

I'm on my own (x6)
In this world.
rock and roll!

Well I won't rely on you,
So don't you rely on me.
I don't need nobody's approval,
I'll live without it happily.
So if you're looking for a shoulder,
on which you need to cry.
Don't call me up cause my main concern is
me ,myself and I!

I'm on my own (x6)
In this world.
Alright, let's try it.
One last time,
I'm on my own (x6)

[Thanks to Alejandro, Nathalie for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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