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Stay and Talk...

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Stay and Talk... Song Lyrics

110 In The Shade Soundtrack - Musical, 2007
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Stay and Talk... STARBUCK
Well, stay and talk. It’s lonely out here. Now, what are you so afraid of?

You! I don’t trust you!

Why? What don’t you trust about me?

Everything! The way you talk, the way you brag—why, even your name!

What’s wrong with my name?

It sounds fake! It sounds like you made it up!

Well, you’re darn right. I did make it up! You know what name I was born with?
Smith, for the love of Mike, Smith! What kind of handle for a fella like me?
No, I needed a name with the whole sky in it. And the power of a man!
Star—buck! Now that’s a name—and it’s mine!

No it’s not. You were born Smith—now that’s your name.

You’re wrong Lizzie!
The name you choose for yourself is more your won than the one you’re born with!
And if I were you then I’d sure choose another name than Lizzie!

Thank you—I’m very pleased with it.

Oh no you’re not! You’re not pleased with anything about yourself.
And I am sure you are not pleased with “Lizzie.”

I don’t ask you to be pleased with it, Starbuck. I am!

Lizzie? It doesn’t stand for anything!

It stands for me! Me! I’m not the Queen of Sheba—I’m not Lady Godiva—I’m not Cinderella at the ball!

Would you like to be?

Starbuck, you’re ridiculous!

Now, hold on one little minute! Now, I have got the greatest name for you.
The greatest name! Just listen!


I don’t like it.

Well, that’s because you don’t know anything about her!
But when I tell you who she was—oh, lady, when I tell you who she was!


Why, she was the most beautiful—she was the beautiful wife of King Hamlet!
You ever hear of him?

Go on, Starbuck, Go on.
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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