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Lego Movie, The Soundtrack CD. Lego Movie, The Soundtrack

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Lego Movie, The soundtrack lyrics

Movie, 2014
Everything Is AWESOME!!!

Tegan and Sara 

Everything Is AWESOME!!!

Jo Li 

Everything Is AWESOME!!! (Unplugged)

Shawn Patterson and Sammy Allen 

Self Portrait

Will Arnett 

Everything Is Awesome!!! (Instrumental) (Instrumental)


We Did It! (Instrumental)


My Secret Weapon (Instrumental)


I Am A Master Builder (Instrumental)


Let's Put It All Back (Instrumental)


Wildstyle Leads (Instrumental)


The Truth (Instrumental)


Emmett's Plan (Instrumental)


Reaching The Kragle (Instrumental)


Requiem For Cuckooland (Instrumental)


Submarines And Metal Beard (Instrumental)


Emmett's Speech (Instrumental)


Cloud Cuckooland And Ben The Spaceman (Instrumental)


Middle Zealand (Instrumental)


Batman (Instrumental)


Saloons And Wagons (Instrumental)


The Transformation (Instrumental)


Emmett's Mind (Instrumental)


Wildstyle Explains (Instrumental)


Into The Old West (Instrumental)


Escape (Instrumental)


Emmett Falls In Love (Instrumental)


Emmett's Morning (Instrumental)


Prologue (Instrumental)