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I, Frankenstein Soundtrack CD. I, Frankenstein Soundtrack

4.2/5 (28 votes)

I, Frankenstein soundtrack lyrics

Movie, 2013
A Higher Purpose (with Lisa Gerrard)


This Body Is Mine


You Cannot Destroy Me


He Led Us Here Pt 2


He Led Us Here Pt 1


Ride Of The Gargoyles (with Lisa Gerrard)


Destroy Him


You Shouldn’t Have Done That


Love & Hate


I’m A Monster




Visions of a Madman


Sons of Our Fathers


No Choice


The Journal


The Vault


Bring Me Frankenstein’s Monster


All I See Is Darkness


Prince Naberious


Where Does Life Begin?


Chasing Halek


Meaningless Existence




It’s Alive!


Naberious Wants It Alive


Main Title (with Lisa Gerrard)