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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Soundtrack Lyrics

Movie, 2007
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Song title Artist name
Fireworks (Instrumental) Fireworks Video add [Instrumental]
Professor Umbridge (Instrumental) Professor Umbridge Video add [Instrumental]
Another Story (Instrumental) Another Story Video add [Instrumental]
Dementors in the Underpass (Instrumental) Dementors in the Underpass Video add [Instrumental]
Dumbledore's Army (Instrumental) Dumbledore's Army Video add [Instrumental]
The Hall of Prophecies (Instrumental) The Hall of Prophecies Video add [Instrumental]
Possession (Instrumental) Possession Video add [Instrumental]
The Room of Requirements (Instrumental) The Room of Requirements Video add [Instrumental]
The Kiss (Instrumental) The Kiss Video add [Instrumental]
A Journey to Hogwarts (Instrumental) A Journey to Hogwarts Video add [Instrumental]
The Sirius Deception (Instrumental) The Sirius Deception Video add [Instrumental]
Death of Sirius (Instrumental) Death of Sirius Video add [Instrumental]
Umbridge Spoils a Beautiful Morning (Instrumental) Umbridge Spoils a Beautiful Morning Video add [Instrumental]
Darkness Takes Over (Instrumental) Darkness Takes Over Video add [Instrumental]
The Ministry of Magic (Instrumental) The Ministry of Magic Video add [Instrumental]
The Sacking of Trelawny (Instrumental) The Sacking of Trelawny Video add [Instrumental]
Flight of the Order of the Phoenix (Instrumental) Flight of the Order of the Phoenix Video add [Instrumental]
Loved Ones and Leaving (Instrumental) Loved Ones and Leaving Video add [Instrumental]
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