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Grindhouse: Planet Terror

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Grindhouse: Planet Terror Soundtrack Lyrics

Movie, 2007
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Song title Artist name
Grindhouse (Main Title) (Instrumental) Robert Rodriguez
Doc Block (Instrumental) (Robert Rodriguez & Carl Thiel)
The Sickos (Instrumental) (Robert Rodriguez & Graeme Revell)
You Belong To Me Rose McGowan
Go Go Not Cry Cry (Instrumental) (Robert Rodriguez & Rick Del Castillo)
Hospital Epidemic (Instrumental) (Graeme Revell & Robert Rodriguez)
Useless Talent N32 Rose McGowan
His prescription. Pain (Instrumental) (Robert Rodriguez & Carl Thiel)
Cherry Darling (Instrumental) (Robert Rodriguez)
The Grindhouse Blues (Instrumental) (Robert Rodriguez)
El Wray (Instrumental) (Robert Rodriguez)
Police Station Assault (Instrumental) (Robert Rodriguez)
Dakota (Instrumental) (Robert Rodriguez & Carl Thiel)
Zero To Fifty In Four (Instrumental) (Robert Rodriguez)
Fury Road (Instrumental) (Robert Rodriguez)
Helicopter Sicko Chopper (Instrumental) (Graeme Revell & Robert Rodriguez)
The Ring In The Jacket (Instrumental) (Robert Rodriguez & George Oldziey)
Killers Legs (Instrumental) (Robert Rodriguez & Rick Del Castillo)
Melting Member (Instrumental) (Graeme Revell & Robert Rodriguez)
Too Drunk To Fu** Nouvelle Vague (Jello Biafra)
Cherry's Dance Of Death (Instrumental) Performed by CHINGON (Robert Rodriguez)
Two Against The World (Instrumental) Performed by Rose McGowan (Rebecca Rodriguez & Robert Rodriguez)
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