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Green Hornet Soundtrack CD. Green Hornet Soundtrack

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Green Hornet soundtrack lyrics

Movie, 2010
Live With Me

The Rolling Stones 

The Humpty Dance

Digital Underground 

I Hung My Head

Johnny Cash 

Red Death At 6:14

White Stripes 

Twisting The Night Away

Sam Cooke 

Blue Orchid

White Stripes 

Gangsta's Paradise

Coolio ftr. Tupac Shakur 

Feel Your Love Tonight

Van Halen 


Jay Chou 

Saying Goodbye

The Greenhornes 

Heroes (Instrumental)

Brian Eno 


Chris Kaller 



Flight Of The Bumble Bee (Instrumental)

Rafel Mendez 

Bumble Boogie (Instrumental)

Winifred Atwell 

Green Hornet Theme (Instrumental)

Al Hirt 

Main Title (Instrumental)

Billy May 

The Green Hornet (Instrumental)

Billy May 

Activate The Scanner! (Instrumental)

Billy May 

Guadarahornet (Instrumental)

Billy May 

Black Beauty (Instrumental)

Billy May 

Do The Hornet (Instrumental)

Billy May 

Kato (Instrumental)

Billy May 

Horneted House (Instrumental)

Billy May 

Casey (Instrumental)

Billy May 

Four Hornets (Instrumental)

Billy May 

Green Hornet (Instrumental)

Billy May