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Freaks And Geeks Soundtrack CD. Freaks And Geeks Soundtrack

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Freaks And Geeks soundtrack lyrics

Movie, 2004
Bad Reputation

Joan Jett 

Poor Poor Pitiful Me

Warren Zevon 

Look Sharp

Joe Jackson 

No Language In Our Lungs


The Spirit Of Radio


I'm One

The Who 

Groove Line


Come Sail Away


Dumb As A Crayon

The Leaving Trains 

Up On Cripple Creek

Dave Gruber Allen (Mr. Rosso & Feedback) 

Jesus Is Just Alright

Jason Segal & Sara Hagan 


Dave Gruber Allen (Mr. Rosso) 

Lady L

Jason Segal (Nick Andopolis) 

End Title Theme (Instrumental)

Michael Andrews 

Ken's Ode To Joy

Michael Andrews 

Neal's Lament

Michael Andrews 

Porno Music

Michael Andrews 

Daniel's Theme 2

Michael Andrews 

USA Rock

Michael Andrews 

Bill Gets Funky (A.K.A. Spacefunk)

Paul Feig 

Lindsay Disturbed Theme

Michael Andrews 

Clem's Theme

Michael Andrews 

Keg Party Music

Michael Andrews 

Lindsay's Theme

Michael Andrews 

Geek Hallway

Michael Andrews