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Arthur and The Invisibles Soundtrack CD. Arthur and The Invisibles Soundtrack

4.2/5 (27 votes)

Arthur and The Invisibles soundtrack lyrics

Cartoon, 2007
Quest For Love


Go Girl

Snoop Dogg 

The Minimoys Finale


Greed And Loneliness


A Bowl Of Rubies


Destruction Of The Seides


A Beautiful Sunday


Eternally Grateful


Solid Gate




Show Time In Necropolis


No Kiss But Tradition






Evil Straws


Dragonfly Eggs


Red Poppy Night


In Bed With Selenia


Ballad For Granny


Nutboat And Laces






Arthur The Hero


The Sword Of Power


Feeding Time




The Blueberry Catapult


Central Gate


The Land of the Minimoys


Third Ring For The Soul


Try To Be Convincing


Bogo Matassalai


The Cloth Ladder


Grandpa's Mission


Stolen Kiss


Small As A Tooth


Davidoo And The Watertank


The Phonecall And The Waxcake


Arthur And The Aqueduct


Nice Town


The Minimoys Overture